Fishing villages, alluring beaches, agricultural lands, and Peru’s principal towns and cities are scattered along the precarious belt of desert coastline that extends the length of the country. The abundant Amazon Basin stretches from the coast all the way up to the awesome Andes and takes up half of Peru.
Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world and in terms of scenery, it is one of the most varied places conceivable, offering the colorful jungle, swamps full of wildlife, breathtaking glaciers, huge mountains, rambling grasslands, sand dune beaches, and vast turquoise lakes.
Famous for its excellent coffee and the purity of its emeralds, Colombia is also the land of the legend of El Dorado and is a nation of friendly people who will welcome you from the very moment you step on this amazing country's soil.
Barbados is a stunning location whether you are looking to join us on a medical or nursing elective.
If you are a medical or nursing student looking for an excellent destination Belize has a lot to offer. From beautiful scenery and surroundings to excellent experience at hospitals and clinics this is a well-rounded elective destination.
From Caribbean and Pacific shores to the relics of the prehistoric Mayan culture, Mexico is a greatly diverse country with excellent cuisine, one of a kind archaeology, superior beaches, remarkable diving, and scenery varying from dense jungle to frost-topped cactus interspersed deserts.
St. Lucia
Being a small tropical gem, nature is at its most spectacular, adventure and culture galore, and amazingly beautiful beaches. You will find everything you are looking for here in St. Lucia.