This will depend on the destination you choose:

  • Argentina, for Mendoza you should book your flight to El Plumerillo Airport MDZ
  • Barbados, Grantley Adams International Airport , BGI
  • Belize, for Belize City, you should fly to Phillip S.W. Goldson airport BZE
  • Colombia, for Medellin, José Maria Cordova International Airport MDE
  • Costa Rica, Juan Santamaria International Airport, at Alajuela (18 km or 10 miles from San José)
  • Dominica, Melville Hall International Airport DOM
  • Ecuador, Mariscal Lamar Airport CUE
  • Grenada, Maurice Bishop International Airport GND
  • México, for Merida, Manuel Crescencio Rejón Airport MID, for Cancun, Cancun International Airport CUN
  • Lucia, George F.L. Airport SLU
  • Vincent & The Grenadines, E.T. Joshua Airport SVD
  • Trinidad & Tobago, you can either fly into Tobago – Crown Point Airport TAB at Tobago Island or into Piarco International Airport POS at Port of Spain, however we strngly recommend to fly directly into Tobago for us to collect you easily from airport.
  • Peru, for Cusco Alejandro Velasco Astete Airport CUZ

For Iquitos, Francisco Secada Vignetta Airport IQT

You will be guided for more details as for other ways to make it to your elective destination once we begin organizing your placement after filling the booking form.

Yes you do as we need to know your arrival details to make sure we will have our representative expecting you at the airport or bus terminal in due time.

We strongly suggest that you should book your flights once you are certain that your placement has been confirmed.

We do not have partnership with no travel agent, however we can recommend you to take a look at these sites, which have a wide range of options for booking flights.



We will be very happy to help you completing any required documentation from your university.

We need 3 basic documents that can be scanned and emailed:

  • Passport
  • Student card
  • Letter from your school stating that you are bona fide student by the time of undertaking your elective with us.

You are welcome to take part of as many tours and/or activities as you like, we have a list of partners running tours and activities so if you want to go to any of these through us you will get a discount, you are welcome to personally go and arrange your tours with them if you like too.

Yes they can. Anyone who is willing to join you for your organized tours whilst undertaking your elective is welcome, you have to let us know in advance about this so we can arrange everything for them to join you.

You do not need sleeping bag for your accommodation; you will only need it for Machu Picchu Trek in Peru and for the overnight tour in San Ignacio in Belize.

You can bring your own sleeping bag or you can rent it on site.

Yes you can, that is why every apartment we have has a fully equipped kitchen to be used by our students any time they need it.

Meals are not included in price of this elective as we know that every student has their own needs and particularities, we have a fully equipped kitchen though to be used by students and cook what they want and need.

Yes you can as long as we have spaces available and no other student is due to settle in your apartment.

Your time with us will start counting the day before you begin your elective and will finish the day after you finish your placement.

Yes it is, your accommodation is fully covered whilst you are spending your time with us, and this is accommodation provided in each destination and trips and excursions included in your elective programme. If you decide to go on your own for a trip which is not included in our programme then Mundo Verde is not responsible for your accommodation.

Yes and no, you will be sharing room with other students at some places for example, and you may be placed at a single room, it will depend of the destination and the time of the year you are planning to come.

Yes, your partner is welcome to stay at the same accommodation as long as we have spaces available at the apartment. If the apartment is full we will do everything at our hands to make it possible though.

No, you cannot, as Mundo Verde organizes this as a package and is responsible for the outcome of this. Besides, being with other students at our apartments will turn out to be more enjoyable and fun.

You do have the option of an alternative accommodation such as private studio if you are with your partner or family stay if you would like to experience more the local culture, this, of course, will have an extra cost.

Yes you can, if you think you need to take extra hours of Spanish once you complete your course included in your elective, you let us know and you will continue to have your Spanish lessons as desired.

You DO NOT HAVE TO speak Spanish since doctors speak English at a conversational level, which is good enough to communicate. As a matter of fact, 98% of our students do not have a word of Spanish when the join our elective placement.

We do recommend to take some Spanish classes before coming, although this is not compulsory, remember that you will be given Spanish classes included in price of our programmes.

If you are going to Belize, or any of our Caribbean destinations then you should not worry about language as English is the official language here and people speak Spanish also.

Yes, once you complete your elective your forms will be signed off either by your supervisor doctor or by Mundo Verde’s supervisor.

You are welcome to skip hospital work if you have plans to explore around, Mundo Verde Elective Placements and its associated institutions understand that you are in a trip of a lifetime and you will want to explore your surrounding areas, this is why doctors will be flexible as long as you let them know or let us know about this.

This will depend on the passport you hold, to get more information about this, we suggest to check the country’s embassy website.

When booking your elective placement we will inform you and guide you on this matter as we plan your elective.

We carefully choose destinations to carry out our elective placements so our students enjoy their time both working and relaxing. These countries are secure and politically and socially stable in order to start working in.

Our in-country teams keep us posted on the situation of each city and that gives us a very important tool to monitor any issues that may affect your stay. In more than 10 years of work we have never had a single case of risk to our students and we are certain that this will not change. Do not let unfounded comments and the old reputation, which unfortunately still remains, make you change your mind.

Mundo Verde does not provide any type of insurance; this is why it is compulsory to purchase an insurance that will cover any incident whilst on the elective. We cannot recommend a particular company given that prices often change.

You should shop around and we are certain that you will find a good deal doing it in advance.

Our in-country team will be available 24/7 to sort out any situation that may arise whilst you are there.

If there is any unforeseen event, such as natural disaster we will do what is necessary to put you in a safe location.

If medical attention is needed, then we will make sure you get the best medical assistance in place.

The type of work will be pretty much the same as the one you probably experienced at your university, however, you will participate in wards, in outpatient area, community work and there you will get to work hands on.

If you are a 1st year student then your work will be merely observational.

We do not; this is something you have to arrange yourself, as this has to be prescribed by a doctor.

We guarantee there is a safety and precaution protocol in host institutions and they use this as much as possible.

You do not get university credits, however, your university may give you credits by undertaking this elective, in this case we will happily provide as much information as necessary to help gaining these credits.

Yes it is, once we get the acceptance letter from hospital your placement is guaranteed unless you decide to cancel your placement.

We can certainly say that your placement is already guaranteed upon registering on our website.

Upon registration we will start working on your placement and it takes between 3 to 7 working days to get an answer from hospital, this acceptance letter will be scanned and emailed to you along with our own acceptance letter.

Yes you can, you can do it either before coming on your elective or once you are established, to do it, feel free to let us know via email and we will arrange things for it to happen.

You are expected to be at hospital at 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday, however, if you are willing to try other shifts you are welcome to ask for this once in hospital. There will be some days where your supervisor doctor may ask you to do the afternoon shift.

This will depend on the destination you choose to go.

When booking your elective placement we will inform you and guide you on this matter as we plan your elective.

Hospitals in the countries where we have our placements running have no dress code, this means that students will wear any type of clothing as long as this is not too casual, and one thing to bear in mind for all our locations, A STUDENT MUST WEAR A WHITE COAT at all times when in hospitals.

If you have enrolled for surgery or dental outreach then you should also make sure to bring scrubs.

When booking your elective with us, you will let us know which speciality you are willing to work at, however, you are welcome to ask to rotate into a second speciality.

Even more, if you book a 4 week placement or more, you will have the chance of seeing more than two specialities since you will be working in two different hospitals.

Any student undertaking an elective for 4 weeks and up will automatically split their placement therefore they will be attending hospitals in two different cities within one country. For example, if one student joins our elective for the Mexico Programme, then this student will attend Cancun hospitals, the base city and have the second city Playa del Carmen. This 2 city placements is our standard for Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico, Grenada and Trinidad & Tobago.

Those students who join our programme for 2 or 3 weeks will only attend a hospital in one city.

Our average length of placement is 4 weeks, most student stay with us for 4 weeks, however, we have fixed placements up to 8 weeks, and this will give you the chance to get the most from your elective as you will be more exposed to work in a different environment.


Longer placements can be arranged upon request.

If you have no much time available then you are welcome to join our elective placements for 2 weeks; this is the minimum length of a placement.

When you enroll in any of our elective placements you get included in price:

  • Airport pick up
  • Accommodation (mostly private in a fully furnished apartment in the nicer areas of the city of your choice)
  • Hospital rotation
  • Spanish lessons (according to your chosen plan and destination)
  • Salsa lessons – Perú and Colombia only (according to your chosen plan)
  • Tango classes (Mendoza, Argentina)
  • Tours and trips (from 1 to 5 tours and trip included according to your plan and destination)
  • International presentation
  • 1 week in a different location (according to your destination and plan)
  • Information package
  • 24/7 assistance
  • Pre-departure assistance
  • Discounts if you want to take extra activities at our partner businesses.

You are welcome to join our electives any time since we run our electives all year round and we tailor our electives according to your needs.

If you have to cancel your placement by any force majeure cause, you will be refunded all the money you paid except the deposit of US$50.

We do not have complicated application process and remember that you are not applying for a remunerated work, this means that anyone can apply as long as they fulfill the required criteria.


Mundo Verde Elective Placements DO NOT ASK for any type of fee upon registration in any of our programmes, in order to secure your placement we ask for a deposit once your placement has been confirmed at any of our partner hospitals or clinics. This deposit will be used as a prepayment for one of your trips or excursions; this will guarantee your placement. The requested deposit once your placement has been confirmed is US$50 in all of our destinations.


If by any chance, we cannot place you at the requested programme we will locate you in a different destination if desired. This situation does not really happen, however, due to force majeure causes we would relocate you or cancel your placement, if this event would happen, your deposit would be totally refunded.


You must remember that in case you cancel due to any personal reasons then the deposit of US$50 will not be refunded.


Once you fill our enrollment online form, we will be in contact with you to start arranging your placement.

Anyone studying or who has completed studies on a healthcare course is welcome to join our programmes, we welcome people from around the world to join Mundo Verde Elective Placements.