There is nothing more important to us than your safety, this is why we have followed a rigorous plan to ensure and make sure that you will have an unforgettable and worry-free experience. The whole elective process has steps in each of them we want you to be sure about what you are getting.

Is my destination safe?

All chosen destinations for your elective meet two important requirements for this, safety and leisure activities available. You are welcome to freely explore around the city you are in, of course, common sense measure is expected at all times, just like being back home and we are certain, that you will have one of the most treasured experiences of a lifetime.  Our in-country team will be there to support and inform you about everything you need to know about your surroundings.

Is my destination safe?
Preparing and payment security

Before you leave, we will guide you through all what you need to make sure you have everything ready before departure, flight tickets, insurances, vaccines (if needed) visa, all this to make sure you begin your trip completely covered.

We do not ask for registration fees of any kind or any administration fees upon booking your elective with us, you are welcome to pay even one week before arrival and if your destination is Peru, you can even pay upon arrival.

Preparing and payment security
Is my accommodation located in a secure and safe area?

Yes, your accommodation is located in safe areas of the city, making sure that you will have nothing to worry about it, tranquil, easy to access apartments is what we have to offer, only you and your house-mates will have access to your accommodation and our staff, but only when you are in at the same time, this way you will have your full privacy.

Is my accommodation located in a secure and safe area?
All through the placement
Upon Arrival
We will be expecting you at the airport upon arrival and immediately transfer you to your accommodation
Take you to the Hospital
We will take you to the hospital the first day and introduce you to your supervisor, from then on, you will do it by your own, but, previously we will have shown you the best and cheapest way to get there.
Spanish Classes
We will take you to your Spanish school for your lessons the first day, we will introduce you to your tutor and from then on you will go by yourself.
We will transfer you to the office where the tour begins and introduce you to the staff and once, in a nutshell, you will not be on your own for every important moment during your time with us.

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