If you are a medical or nursing student looking for an excellent destination Belize has a lot to offer. From beautiful scenery and surroundings to excellent experience at hospitals and clinics this is a well-rounded elective destination. Prepare yourself for your future career as you join us in this unique destination and learn all the while.

Belize has become one of the top travel destinations on earth due to its wonderful and interesting attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef, colossal blue hole, white sandy beaches, many cayes and islands, pure rainforests, plentiful wildlife, diverse and vibrant cultures, and relaxed mood.

From scuba diving its tropical turquoise Caribbean waters to trekking an age-old Mayan city, you will have plenty to do on the weekends.

This little country has an excellent public transport system; making it easy to get around. English is the dominating primary language so there won’t be any problems with language barriers! So, this would be an excellent option for those of you without Spanish skills.

Private accommodation in both locations is situated close to your elective and you will have a member of our team on call 24/7 if you ever need anything or have an emergency.