From Caribbean and Pacific shores to the relics of the prehistoric Mayan culture, Mexico is a greatly diverse country with excellent cuisine, one of a kind archaeology, superior beaches, remarkable diving, and scenery varying from dense jungle to frost-topped cactus interspersed deserts. It’s bigger than all of Central America put together.

Mexico is a little more advanced, and a bit more high-priced than many other well-known Central and South American destinations but remains within the funds of most low budget travelers. Food in Mexico is inexpensive and extremely delicious.

Whether you are looking to undertake a medical or nursing elective, wanting to learn more about midwifery, or aiming to complete your dental elective, we have it all in Mexico. You will have excellent opportunities to learn more in all fields and due to its tropical climate witness new ailments.

Let the sandy beaches and artistic and historic surroundings whist you away in this wonderful location for your elective, whichever it may be.