Posibilities in Latin America and the Caribbean for an Elective Abroad

October 21, 2019

In Latin America and the Caribbean various possibilities await you when undertaking your elective. We have a large selection of countries and cities, and placements can be undertaken in hospitals and clinics, small and large. We provide placements for medical, nursing, physiotherapy, midwifery, and dental electives. You can choose from big bustling cities, or smaller, quieter towns, and in some cases can have a taste of one of these and a smaller community if you so wish. All three have their issues and need your help.

It is a wonderful part of the world to visit for your placement as the under resourced hospitals and outdated equipment mean you are able to really get stuck in and learn the most possible from your placement. Enhancing your medical knowledge is inevitable whilst spending time in a truly beautiful part of the world.

The possibilities in this area as an elective student are vast. You get to broaden your knowledge learning about new diseases and conditions that you are unlikely to find in your own country, and may even be able to share some of your experiences that can help out in these underdeveloped places. Knowing about these rare conditions will give you a far greater insight into medicine than if you were to study only in your home country. You will use equipment unknown to you and have to deal with difficulties when the patients outweigh the staff.

We have opportunities in underdeveloped places that need a great deal of help and improvement within the countries healthcare such as Peru, Ecuador, and some of the small Caribbean islands. However, some of the countries like Costa Rica and Mexico are more advanced and you will see more similarities to what you know. Then there are Argentina and Colombia that have been known for their high quality health care systems but still face a number issues and are waiting for you to give a help in hand.
Each location has wonders to explore and cultures to delve into with huge possibilities of travel and adventure and lots of delicious foods to try. Most locations also offer the chance to greatly improve your Spanish skills or begin to learn if you are yet to start.

If you choose Latin America or the Caribbean as the location of your placement you will gain a wide range of new skills, new knowledge, help those who are grateful and in need, practice your already known skills, and get to know a new and wonderful part of the world.

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