Tara Salvador

I finished my 6 week medical elective with Mundo Verde in Cusco, Perú. I had an incredible time I saw so much in clinic with Dr. Silva, so much hands on work and really got involved with patients and on top of that with Mundo verde’s wonderful placement’s itinerary you get to see so much in terms of dancing, in terms of cooking in terms of culture, it was an incredible six weeks. Mundo Verde team made me feel so welcome so looked after, you are just part of a big family with this company, so I would definitely recommend Mundo Verde. If you are thinking about Peru or South America for your elective, it was an incredible time so I could not recommend it more, thank you so much to Mundo Verde.

Tara Salvador - James Cook University, Australia
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Communicate with us Elective Placements by Mundo Verde is based in Peru, our head office is in Cusco, Peru. Our working hours are: Monday through Saturday 9:00 – 18:00 (-5 GMT) You can certainly reach us at any time as we may be available 24/7 through our phone numbers.
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